About NCCE

We believe that systems are all about quality and delivery. Therefore we deliver products of the highest standards on time every time. This only becomes possible by means of a strong team with a lot of initiative and motivation. 

NCCE was established in 2005 by observing a demand in the custom software development and Business System sectors.

The Principals of NCCE share many years of experience in the greater industry; with specialist knowledge in Workflow, Integration, Business Systems and custom software development.

Our aim is to assist Medium to Large Enterprise Businesses (MLE) with affordable, customized software solutions. This way your MLE can save money, recovering your development costs in no time in order to enhance operations and grow to the next level. For more information regarding our development packages please email us at info@ncce.co.za

For the larger businesses, we have specialized, highly qualified business and IT teams that will take on any of your business requirements, no matter how big. Please see our profile page for more detail.

Neil Cameron – Managing Director

I’ve been in the development industry since 1999, officially started programming in 1994. From there I was employed mainly in the Logistics and Manufacturing Sectors. I was assigned as IS manager for a large international freighting company seeing over a big development team.

After 7 years corporate experience I decided to start my own company, I wanted to focus more on the technology side for specifically the logistics industry, solo turn-out to become a company called NCCE. In NCCE we enjoy Microsoft technologies but get more open source projects every month, mainly in QT, C++ & Qtopia. Other technologies NCCE specialises in are C#, Java, MS SQL, MS CRM, Great Plains.

Our Experts

  • Du Toit Scheepers - Senior Project Manager

  • Hansie Kloppers - Lead .NET Developer

  • Reyn Vlietsta - C++/QT Developer

  • Marlo Vlietsta - Flex/Adobe Developer

  • Sammy Hendrikse - Graphics Designer

  • Igor Bolivic - Senior C++/QT Developer

  • Christiaan Hendrikse - Senior Oracle & SAP Developer

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Our History

NCCE believes that information is and always should be an asset in the business world. Accurate, timely and useful information is often the most powerful ally in a competitive industry.

Therefore NCCE strives towards enabling and empowering customers by providing accurate and timely access to business critical information. This is achieved through our proficiency in the latest analysis and design methods, and our formalized approach towards conceptual system design, architecture, documentation and development.

Should you require more information about how we approach software development, what model we use for the software development life-cycle and how we manage development teams and projects, please do not hesitate to email us on info@ncce.co.za

Vision & Philosophy

Meet the Team

What makes NCCE Different

Our experience and industry specific know-how is our competitive advantage. We know how to handle large, technical software projects effectively. We know how to deliver on time, within budget and according to specification.
Some of the ground rules we employ to ensure our projects are successful:

  • We use an Agile Software Development approach

  • We believe in test driven development

  • We do not have ‘junior’ developers. (‘junior’ is just a euphemism for ‘less skilled’)

  • We do not have ‘trainee’ project managers. (‘trainee’ means you are paying for my guy to learn something he should already know)

  • We only use senior, trusted, qualified and experienced resources on our projects. Because of our unique business model, we are able to offer these resources at very competitive rates.

  • We do not develop if we do not have a complete set of Agile user stories. (If everybody is not in complete agreement about what to build, the wrong thing will be built)

  • We engage with our customers and make sure they are part of the development process (You’re paying, so you need to be comfortable with what you are getting)

  • We have qualified, experienced and professional project managers and developers. PM’s understand the in-depth technical issues of their projects (They’re all skilled developers in their own right), and developers understand the commercial impact of their daily tasks.

Our Technical Proficiency & Skill-Set

Platforms we developed software for:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 - 2016

  • Microsoft Windows 7 & Above

  • Linux

  • Solaris

  • Mac OSx

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server

  • Microsoft Biztalk Server 2010

  • Apple iOS & Android

Databases we use for our software:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012 & 2015

  • Oracle

  • Postgres

  • MySQL

  • Informix

  • TinySQL Client

  • Pervasive

Development languages we use for our software:

  • C++,  C & QT (More info on QT here)

  • C#, ASP.NET, MVC, .NET, JQuery, Bootstrap & Java Script

  • Visual Basic

  • JavaScript, HTML, Web Design

  • PHP

  • Ruby on Rails

  • ASP classic

  • Java

  • SQL Server Integration Services

  • SQL Server Reporting Services

  • SQL Server Analysis Services

  • SAP

Toolsets we use to run our projects:

  • Project Communication via Base Camp and/or MS Groove

  • Source Code Security via Subversion version control system (Off-site & SSL enabled)

  • Industry Standard security policy implemented throughout all projects

  • CRM for issue tracking and customer collaboration

NCCE prides itself in being industry leading experts in the following technologies:

Reporting Tools

  • Microsoft Reporting Services

  • Microsoft BI Reporting

  • SAP Crystal Reports

  • Telerik Reports

Specialist skills we have acquired through industry experience:

  • Business System Functional Integration

  • Complex, large scale data integration

  • Complex, large scale data analysis, cleaning, transformation and migration (ETL)

  • Custom System Design and Development

  • Software Project Management

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

  • Sugar CRM

  • MS Dynamics CRM

  • Terrasoft

  • Accpac CRM

  • ERP systems

  • SAP

  • Software License & Asset management systems

  • Financial systems

  • Accpac

  • Pastel

  • JD Edwards

  • VIP Payroll

  • Repair centre design, setup and management

  • Assembly line design, setup and management

  • Transport & Freight logistics systems

  • Mining & Blasting industry specific software design

  • Highly secure web portal development according to international standards

  • Warehousing & Logistics Management

  • Mobile device development

  • Windows Mobile

  • iPhone

  • Android

  • Embedded software development

  • Insurance management systems

  • Specialist integration skills


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