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Over the years we realized a few requirements in the market place and started to develop our own software for resell purposes and for other clients to benefit from. We designed all our software packages from the ground up which means they can be tailored according to your needs. All our software products are unique and specifically design to fill the gap where there's no "off-the-shelf" product available. Our software is currently being used by mostly large corporates and a designed to be very robust, yet flexible.

Warehouse Management System

Integrated with Pastel Evolution or stand-alone and automated WMS using barcode scanning and printing to transact items. Proven since 2001, now at version 9 created in 2012(using .NET 3.5). Various licenses available to suite your exact needs.

  • Fully barcode printing and scanning enabled with most brands

  • Generic module to design your own barcodes

  • Full track record of all transactions with username, date/time, transaction type and quantity change

  • Full reporting features with export to Excel, CSV, Word, PDF etc

  • Volume, weight and value fields to calculate monthly movements and create chargeable reports

  • WMS Web Reporting Portal to be used for internal usage or clients to view their stock quantities

  • Exception Reporting, Picking lists & Stock Counts

  • Client order placing functionality through FTP file drops, API, SAP or webservice

  • Can also be used as a hosted solution

IdCloud - Cloud based Biometric Software

ID Cloud is our cloud based identification software, we help you identify your customers, staff, members or visitors by providing the backend of all your identification needs. Easily hook into our system and use the ID cloud front-end tools or develop your own.

TraQ-IT Enterprise - International Track & Trace System

Track your imports and export using our tracking system which is fully integratedwithSAP and ShipShape. If Telkom uses it, it will be suitable for any large business.Variouslicenses available to suite your exact needs. Customisation on current system available

Helpdesk/Support Desk System

Log user requests and monitor support calls on a daily basis.

Fully Integrated Shopping Portals

Online shopping portal fully integrated with your financial system

Electronic Staff Time Logging System

Track your staff coming in and out of the office and link this system up with your HR system.

Fleet-TraQ Enterprise - Courier Tracking

Know exactly where your goods are using GPS & Google Maps through our mobile application.Various licenses available to suite your exact needs. Customization on current system available. 

Cloud Based Document Management System

Cloud Based Document Management System

Software Licensing Application

Verify user licenses based on CPU & HDD serial numbers with management app

Electricity Meter Reading Application

The electricity meter reading application which resides on a server and with mobiledevices in the field the users can track live readings, exceptions, fraud and discrepancies.This system also enables the mobile people in the field with fully integrated mapsand GPS posistioning to move from the one premises to the other while the data isupdated live on the server.

Pension Fund Biometrics & Verification System

Pastel Evolution Mobile Van-Sales Application

Fully integrated with Pastel, our Van Sales can assist companies to sell productson the go. Trucks can be assigned with stock and full sales management will refelectin Pastel Evolution in real time. This product is very stable and is being usedall over the continent. 30 day demo licenses also available.

Asset Tracking & Management

Our asset management system plugs in to Pastel Evolution through our mobile application.

FMCG Workflow Software

New product development system using workflow

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